The volume of email I get from this site continues to increase, and many of the questions are the same. Therefore, I decided to create this handy 'information' page for the revamped version of the site. Enjoy!

I liked the old site better! Why did you change it?

Because it was time for a change. Also, I wanted to increase the size of the photos and provide colour-corrected, fully cleaned images. However, if you really liked the old site and yearn for its menu-toggling fun, it's still online.

Can I use your images on my website/for my project/in our magazine?

Not without written permission. Email me with a full description of what you want to use the image(s) for and I'll let you know whether it's OK for you to use the image and also whether any charges will be incurred. (Generally, not-for-profit projects incur no charges.)

Can I link to your website?

Sure. Go ahead. Link to

Do you offer full-size prints of your photos?

Not yet, although it's something that's under consideration. If you're desperate for a print of an image, email me and perhaps we can sort something out.

I want to travel to Iceland. Where should I stay?

For a first trip, start off in Reykjavík, and make use of the likes of Reykjavík Excursions, who offer relatively inexpensive tours of some of the sights of Iceland. The website provides details of various hotels and hostels where you might stay. Having stayed there myself, I also recommend the excellent self-catering apartments at

When is it best to visit?

For a first visit, I recommend late June/early July. The weather is at its warmest and the days are longest. You can show up at Geysir at 11pm and pretty much have the place to yourself, and it'll still be daylight. For a second trip, I recommend the dead of winter. The days are very short, but (assuming it snows) you'll see a very different Iceland (even if you go to the same places), and may glimpse the Northern Lights.

Iceland, eh? Is it always really cold?

Actually, no. The winters are surprisingly mild in the south-west, typically bobbling around the freezing mark, and are often sunny (with snowfall at night); the winters in the north are colder, but even there it's a dry cold, meaning if you wear lots of layers you'll be fine. In the summer, Reykjavík tends to be rather drab and cool, but other areas of Iceland are warmer and sunnier during the brief summer months.

I want to know more about Iceland!

That's not a question. However, check out,, Wikipedia's Iceland entry, and Also, grab a copy of The Rough Guide to Iceland.

Who are you anyway?

A journalist and designer and sometimes musician, living in the UK and dreaming of pop superstardom.

This page doesn't answer my question! What should I do?

Email me.

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